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NAHANCO has been the retail source for clothes hangers since 1925. Our specialties include Plastic Clothes Hangers, Wooden Clothes Hangers and Metal Clothes Hangers. In an industry where you need to market yourself and stand out from the crowd, NAHANCO also offers custom design work to help build your brand. NAHANCO serves all areas from specialty clothing shops, restaurants, department stores, hotels, athletic stores, lingerie and bridal shops and more. We hang shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, bras, dry cleaning, sleeping bags, bikinis and whatever else you can imagine. Clothes hangers come in all shapes, colors and sizes and here at NAHANCO we can help you decide what type of clothes hangers would best suit your needs and your products. At NAHANCO, we believe in high quality products and an above average relationship with our customers. NAHANCO, your retail source for clothes hangers.

See more information at www.nahanco.com