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Based in New York City and Bristol, UK, we are an innovative, experiential design team focusing on the retail and restaurant industries around the globe. Over 25 years of professional expertise, combining creative and innovative thinking with practical design solutions to deliver unique and brand relevant experiences for your customers and guests.

As founder and an industrial designer by training, I look at everything as the end user- the customers’ point of view—forging relationships by creating human interactions and connections to the brand.


I immerse myself, exploring not only how customers view, shop, buy, and use products, but also imagining what surprises and delights. We understand design to be a versatile and powerful tool to create memorable experiences that endear a brand to its customers. But we also know that the measure of our success comes in the value we bring to your brand and to your bottom line. With over 25 years of expertise in the design industry for brands around the globe, we bring that knowledge and expertise to every project.


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