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IBOD Automatic Box Opener
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IBOD Automatic Box Opener

Intelligent Box Opening Device

Advantages of the IBOD

The patented Intelligent Box Opening Device (IBOD) is an in-line, pass-through box cutting machine, capable of completely automating manual box cutting operations. Each IBOD has built-in intelligence, dynamically measuring the size of every incoming case in real-time to automatically find the programmed cut lines. Boxes can be fed in pre-set size order or in mixed order without the need to run same-size batches.

The IBOD is available in two variations: The IBOD Single, which cuts up to 550 cartons per hour, and the IBOD Duo, which can cut up to 950 cartons per hour. Standard cuts include; 3-sided top cut, 4-sided top cut, & tab cuts. Tape cuts are available as a non-standard. It is completely automatic, self-feeding and self-aligning. The IBOD uses photo optic and linear displacement measurements to derive the di-mensions of each box as it is automatically captured and positioned for cutting.

Blade stops and a box snugger are used together to give the cutting robot a squared and stationary target. Once a box is ready to be cut, the IBOD uses software-controlled automation to cut boxes accord-ing to precise specifications defined by the customer.

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