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CASI-SORT for Automated Receiving
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CASI-SORT for Automated Receiving


CASI’s Intelligent Sortation for Receiving, CASi-SORT, is the perfect automation solution for any receiving area – large or small. By scanning, manifesting, & sorting incoming products automatically, the CASi-SORT instantly alleviates one of the most time-consuming & highest-turnover areas in retail and warehouse operations – Receiving.

PRIORITY SORTING – Customize & prioritize sort locations in real-time, to adjust for out-of-stock, high-value, or sensitive merchandise.

LABOR REDUCTION – Automate the most time-consuming and error-prone aspects of receiving – verifi cation, documenting, & sorting.

REDUCE SHRINKAGE – Scanning each product on arrival provides a quick & easy way to monitor the expected vs. actual shipments.

SAVE SPACE – When not in use, CASi-SORT’s wings fold up to dramatically reduce the system’s footprint.

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