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Brands and experiential environments demand innovation, surprise, and elevation to engage customers and create brand endearment.

The ever-expanding landscape of cannabis dispensaries is putting increased pressures on retail spaces to be unique and deliver an engaging experience. We’ll make your journey easy utilizing our broad range of experience. Our goal is to support you through the complex process with complete confidence… clear through to opening day.


Our mission is to provide our client partners with consistent value-add services & products, both strategically and project based, delivered with experience and agility, thereby servicing the needs of The Cannabis Industry through multifaceted interior environments.

Our vision is to create a sought-after company of uniquely talented, collaborative partners with a passion for exploring new possibilities while serving the evolving world of Experiential Cannabis environments. Utilise the work of skilled designers, intellects and makers, delivered with service excellence beyond our client’s expectations.



Green Cloud is proud to be an experienced provider of fixtures and furnishings for any environment.  From our farm prototype facility in Reading PA, to our trusted manufacturing partners nationwide, we are flexible and capable of any project.

We’re proud of our ever-expanding network of relationships with some of the industry’s most talented craftsmen, and we’ll work to match the project with the perfect resource for execution. Pair that with our differentiating design development, engineering expertise and outstanding project management from start to finish, and you’ve got value, exceptional service and experience added to your initiative.


Green Cloud is proud to present Fixture Lines that can speak to YOUR brand, since you can choose your materials and finishes. Welcome to a perfect balance between fully custom and off the shelf, both in design and budget.

Our lines are pre-engineered, creating a faster lead-time and a seamless process for production.


Working with a Design Firm? Our retail savvy design and engineering teams will support shaping concepts into prototypes and beyond.

Need creative help? Our creative service team will transform your vision into material reality or invent an innovative expression of your new brand. Our collective retail experience ensures this process is a success from ideation through installation.


You deserve a Great Experience!

Our Project Management Teams and systems are just as customized for your project as your brand and fixtures! In our experience, each client has unique service needs. Through each step of the process, we’re committed to making your journey a supportive and comfortable fit.  Seamlessly meeting your building needs and exceeding your expectations is our objective working in tandem with your team… or delivering turn-key solution, on budget, on time!


Our commitment to and reputation for on-time deliveries pays dividends — from our understanding of unique dock restrictions to the detailed communication on the work in progress status of your project.

We pack and load with precision, and every delivery is documented, itemized and confirmed.

We’re flexible. Your delivery dates are not, so we’ll work with you to define your logistics needs and ensure on-time deliveries.


A successful installation requires experience, dedication, flexibility and attention to every last detail. Our extensive network of installation professionals not only understand this, they practice it every day. Everything is engineered and fabricated with a mindset that is conducive to installation processes for ease in the field.


Our commitment to social and environmental consciousness runs deeply through our collective culture. At Green Cloud, we are proud of our collaborative work with an expanding circle of clients, in an effort to support sustainability.

Green Cloud resolves to mindfully utilize fewer resources and place equal value on social, environmental and financial issues. We are committed to continued improvements to meet the present and future needs of our clients. We do this in an ongoing effort to reduce our impact on the environment and protect the security of future generations.


The marketplace is demanding stimulating visual experiences from pop-up shops to full blown events… fully designed, planned and executed. Green Cloud delivers possibilities!

We’ve built partnerships with unique technology and app developers realizing our vision to invite and integrate state of the art applications into interior environments across the spectrum of guest experiences, from fashion to wellness.


Partnering “through the numbers” is a great way to start a creative process, setting sights and budget goals early on to stand out from the crowd. Targeting an ideal investment in support of the aesthetic vision of your brand.

Experience our partnership process collaborating with your chosen architect or engage our architectural support services to build your dream environment.

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1043 Van Reed Road
Reading PA 19605, USA