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Cutting Edge Designs manufactures high-quality 3D and 2D routed components and various panel products in a large range of different materials. We have over 23 years of experience in CNC routing and design, we understand the importance of quick turnaround and a fair price.


We can produce bespoke prototypes or thousands for multiple runs. All our data is archived. So if you ever need a repeat order we can quickly and easily recall your file. We serve clients across Ireland, UK and internationally. Take a look over our site for more details, pictures and recent projects, If you want to know something simply drop us an email of give us a ring we will be glad to help.


CNC Routing

Cutting Edge Designs offers an unrivalled High Quality High Precision CNC Routing Service to both clients large and small across Ireland and the UK throughout all industries offering simple or complex shaping, profiling, cutting, engraving and routing on a wide range of sheet and block materials, we are able to carry out one off productions or large batch runs.

Trade signage

At Cutting Edge Designs, trade signage is one of the main areas we specialise in.

We supply sign components to the trade, whether it be flat cut letters, built up letters or logos. We are flexible when it comes to our service, making sure you get what you need.


With over 23 years of experience working with Perspex and other types of plastics, we have the knowledge and design a large range of acrylic displays and machine guards.


Here at Cutting Edge Designs we have been producing a range of various panel sheeting for the last 10 years, all our panels are individually cnc machined on our CNC Routers to a very tight tolerance and speciation, the beauty with our panelling is it can come in any size in any material and any design style thus allowing you to have a completely bespoke pattern or panel shape making your job stand out.


We have the expertise to deal with all types of solid wood and a variety of sheet materials like plywood and chipboard.

With our CNC routers, we can design and manufacture anything you need from basic profiling to complex 3D moulds. 

Laser cutting

When it comes to precision cutting of intricate shapes and design why not take advantage of our laser cutting service. We can process sheets sizes up to 1200 x 1200mm and up to 15mm thick. Cutting plastics ,woods and a wide selection of materials.


Recently, we have invested in a new large format digital printer for which is aimed at professional photographers.

We produce high-quality digital prints in a large array of different media. If you’re looking for high-quality photographic prints or displays, give us a call today.

3D Carving

Our high tech CNC routers can machine in 3 axis which gives us the ability to machine any type of 3D surface. 3D surface machining is a lot more complex but allows you to make some amazing things, from a simple curved surface to complex moulds.

Finishing & Assembly

Here at cutting edge design we can provide a full range of finishing from spraying to powder coating from edging to lamination whatever type of finish you may require on your job we can accommodate you with the highest degree of care and quality.

Cad design

Just send any drawings or sketches with as much info as possible we will get the design team to create a file for you,  make sure you add your contact number the design team will more than likely need to have a chat with you to confirm things.


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