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For over twenty five years the SignComp® Tensioning Systems have been the world leader in Flexible Faced Signage.

After its introduction into the UK all those years ago, it soon became the system of preference for most vinyl signage specifiers and at a time when global branding strategies was commonplace in the marketing world, the system inevitably became the premier flexible sign solution in mainland Europe.


SignComp® staff are dedicated professionals with extensive knowledge of the sign industry we serve and the areas in which we operate.

We also have a network of approved converters throughout the UK so if ready-made boxes or frames are your preference, just take a look under the ‘Partners’ section on our website or pick up the phone to discover the nearest supplier to you.



Flex Face Signage is our bread and butter; but for those of you who aren’t all that clued up when it comes to this type of signage system, here’s a quick introduction to help you learn a little more


EASITEX is a brand new and patented tension fabric system - its innovative technology has given it the reputation of the ‘next evolution’ in textile signage. Why? Well, there is no need for a silicon strip to be sewn or attached to your prints! This leads to a number of benefits and reasons why you should choose EASITEX over other soft signage solutions out there. We take a look at why EASITEX should be your number one choice!


The retail landscape faced many challenges throughout 2020. Stores with bricks and mortar locations saw periods of no in-store browsing and a distinct consumer shift to eCommerce. As we look ahead to the coming 12 months, retailers will be thinking about how to entice people back through the doors – and high-quality in-store signage should be top of the list.


Most of us take wayfinding and directional signage for granted – until we find ourselves unable to find where we need to go!

As Kevin Lynch, credited with introducing the term wayfinding in the ’60s, said: “We are supported by the presence of others and by special way-finding devices. But let the mishap of disorientation once occur, and the sense of anxiety and even terror that accompanies it reveals to us how closely it is linked to our sense of balancing and wellbeing.”


Signcomp Europe Ltd seeks excellence in every aspect of its business and is committed to addressing the environmental impacts of business operations.

Our commitment is to:
• Manage waste generated according to the principles of reduction and recycling
• Continuously improve environmental performance
• Improve the efficient use of resources
• Give due consideration to environmental issues and energy performance
• Comply, as a minimum, with all relevant environmental legislation

We will:
• Seek oversight and review of environmental policies
• Set some key objectives for managing environmental performance
• Communicate the importance of environmental issues
• Work together with staff to promote improved environmental performance
• Review our environmental policy regularly


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