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Our vision:
We develop intelligent machines that enrich everyday life. Our products spread joy and self-confidence. Digital communication in the physical world is our recipe for success. We enjoy every project where we get to showcase the full potential of our partners. Whether a global player or a small business owner, we deliver unique solutions that push the limits of what is possible.

This idea started Sensape's story to where we are today. As a leading provider of interactive customer communication, supported by Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.


But it wasn't to stop at AI-powered storefronts, today we develop interactive screens as well as automatic mask recognition and a virtual queue in times of pandemic or AR games, virtual try-on systems, interactive customer promoters or the ultimate photo with your favorite star. No way is too far for us for a unique customer approach at the point of interest.


Content & Campaign Management

Phantastic Studio is the content management system (CMS) for managing your Sensape devices. Within Studio, you can edit the content of campaigns yourself, plan campaigns and control the devices remotely. You decide on the design, the AR elements, the foiling, or how many campaigns should run and when. 

Measure results in real-time

Senscloud is our simple to use analytics platform and makes sure that you have full control over your campaign and see the results in real-time. Besides casual performance KPIs you can also keep track of your real target group based on our built-in artificial intelligence that recognizes age, gender, height and emotions of your viewers and users.


Do you have a question or a problem with your campaign or hardware solution? Our support team is always there for you, if required even around the clock. We use our cloud-based remote management system to maintain, update and control our systems worldwide.

You don't have time to take care of campaign management yourself? Here, too, we are at your side and are happy to take over all the tedious tasks.


If you want to use your own existing devices or software for your project and combine them with ours, that's easy as pie. Using the API, several devices and software can be easily connected with each other and you can view the data of all devices at any time.


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