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As a sustainable, closed-loop solution, Recrylic® is fully recyclable, over and over again. It can help to:
• Reduce waste and landfill
• Minimize CO2 emissions and carbon footprint
• Reduce use of raw acrylic monomers and water in manufacturing
• Foster respect for the environment


In round numbers, every ton of traditional acrylic requires two tons of petroleum to produce. By replacing traditional acrylic with Recrylic®, you can help preserve natural resources and reduce your carbon footprint.

We have launched a new report that examines the environmental impact of using recycled vs. virgin acrylic. It can be requested via the following link:
White Paper



Recrylic® availability

Recrylic® is available through Acrylic Design Associates – the recognized leader in creating world-class retail displays, signage and precision OEM products. We provide turnkey services to deliver end-to-end results for our clients.

Design + Engineering

The process starts with an idea. Whether it's drawn on a napkin or in a CAD drawing, we will work with you to bring your vision to life. Our experienced designers and engineers know how to blend the right elements to create the most effective and efficient solution to meet your needs.


Before going into production, a prototype is a great way to ensure that a finished product will perform, as anticipated. Our team can quickly build your prototype and evaluate if any changes are needed prior to full production.


ADA provides a full-range of production solutions, including precision molding, cutting and fabrication, printing, painting and more. Our facilities are environmentally controlled, which puts us in total command of temperature, dust and all elements that can affect finished materials. 


Once materials are produced, our experienced team will assemble your product to meet all specifications. In addition to acrylic, we also integrate other materials including metal and wood to create a finished product.


With 250,000 square feet at our disposal, we have the space to store your inventory. We provide end-to-end lifecycle management to ensure your goods are securely stored and ready to deploy, when you are.


With a wide range of options available, ADA will work with you to make sure that your items get where they need to be, on-time and with complete visibility.

On Site Services

ADA provides a variety of on-site services to ensure your project is completed as envisioned. Our experienced people can deploy quickly to install displays, conduct site surveys, take photos and more.


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6050 Nathan Lane
Minneapolis, MN 55442


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News & events

Take a look at some of the exciting News and Events Relating to this particular member.