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Established in Los Angeles by Sebastian Giefer, Griplock® Systems begins designing and marketing adjustable cable suspension systems, primarily for the Linear Fluorescent Lighting and Theatrical Rigging Industries. Griplock® partners with Reutlinger GmbH of Frankfurt, Germany to manufacture an exclusive line of Griplock Grippers for the North, Central and South American markets. Established in 1873, Reutlinger GmbH of Frankfurt, Germany, one of the oldest wire cable manufacturers in Europe, introduced its cable-gripping system over 20 years ago.


State-of-the-art components and elegant, functional designs combined with rigorous quality control are the keys to our success. Safety, quality and style.



Griplock Systems has been a market leader in the Lighting Cable Suspension Industry since 1992, providing adjustable suspension systems to virtually every Lighting Manufacturer in North America. State-of-the-art components elegant and functional designs, combined with rigorous quality control, outstanding customer service and engineering expertise are the keys to our success.

Silver Strand™ Display Lines

Silver Strand is a complete selection of aircraft cable, grippers, floor mounts, and ceiling mounts for Display, Shelving, and Signage systems. These components are highly versatile, re-usable, and of course look great!

This attractive and affordable collection is able to handle a multitude of applications, creating an elegant and modern look for any environment. Choose the function below that best suits your needs. Mix and match to create a one-of-a-kind display system for your products.


No matter what the weight, you can cable-rig almost any object, permanently or temporarily with the products in this section. Griplock® Grippers are re-useable and are in constant demand on movie sets, concert stages, at trade shows, in theaters and on construction sites – anywhere that instant adjustabilitystrength and reliability are paramount.


Hanging art objects and paintings on fine stainless steel aircraft cables has become the trend among display professionals and private collectors alike.

The Griplock® Art Cable Suspension Systems are secure, elegant and minimal. They can suspend art on the wall or three dimensional art from the ceiling. With hundreds of options – including our popular Gallery Wall Track Hanging System – to accommodate virtually any installation, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. This is The Art of Suspension®.

Suspended Ceiling

Griplock® Systems provides the ultimate adjustable cable suspension system for suspended ceilings. Architectural ceilings, acoustic tile ceilings, canopies, clouds, overhangs, foyer displays – the Griplock® cable suspension system is fast, easy to install and re-usable. In fact, because it is almost invisible to the eye, virtually any architectural pendant system looks better and can be more quickly and easily installed with Griplock’s state-of-the-art suspensions. Elegant, yet ultra-safe, even in earthquake prone areas.


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