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Easybuild is a start-up that supplies plastic standard components with a high design for stand construction and showroom direction. It offers an alternative to traditional joinery, which is expensive and inflexible.

With easycubes components, shop designers, stand builders, communication agencies or interior architects can set up furniture constructions or stands in a user-friendly way. Stands or furniture built with Blox components can always be adapted to changing situations (eg different colours, logo mention,...) or can be presented in a completely new composition. The components are extremely user-friendly, do not make heavy demands on logistics and can be delivered quickly.

The furniture system shown in this file will be launched on the market from April 2017. The molds for plastic parts are currently being finished


Modular furniture is a solution for temporary structures and showrooms that are regularly converted. A reusable piece of furniture is financially more efficient than a one-off piece of furniture in wood construction. The main advantages of furniture in system construction are: easy to transport and store; few personnel required for assembly and disassembly; prefabricated, perfectly fitting and reasonably priced parts; flexible and easy to adapt. An important disadvantage of existing system construction is that one can make less distinction compared to other exhibitors. Personalization is a key driver in the furniture sector. The disadvantage of these building systems is that these existing systems retain an industrial character due to the visible connections and profiles, so that they all look recognisable. In addition, the user needs different coupling pieces and lengths for every situation, which means that the construction remains very labour-intensive today.



At EasyBuild, we believe in the power of reusing and recycling goods. EasyCube floor panels are made from 100% recycled materials and our products are 100%recyclable.

You choosing to use our products, you are helping to save the environment with our zero waste policy.Storage advice: keep furniture inside and dry during extreme weather conditions.We can even recycle your end-of-life EasyBlox. Send us a message if you are interested.


EasyBlox is made from 100% HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), a tough, heat-resistant and superior engineering plastic that is widely used in appliance housings, luggage and automotive interior parts.


Customization is the main idea of all our product designs. The EasyCubes have replaceable covers that allow you to completely cover and customize your display with your own logos and prints.With our removable skins, you can decorate for the holidays or easily emphasize promotions. The possibilities are endless–combine cool textures and funky colors. Any customer can make a unique design with EasyBlox!.


Simple installation–even a child can use it. No hassle, no puzzles, just a few universal parts that connect intuitively. Connecting is self-explanatory and easy to do. The installation time for a standard display takes only a few minutes and doesn’t require any tools. You only need three elements to make over 1.000.000 designs! What will you make today?


Create complex structures with the modular system: EasyBlox was designed with creativity in mind and to fit your changing needs. Stand out from the crowd and discover fascinating combinations. Your imagination is the best tool for pushing the limit of what’s possible.


The materials used are weather, water and insect decay resistant. Make your showroom shine, even outside! EasyBlox are water resistant. For cleaning, use warm water, a soft detergent and a cotton cloth.

Storage advice: keep furniture inside and dry during extreme weather conditions. Using only three lightweight components, you can assemble a showroom that fits your floor. Unleash your creativity and discover an exciting world of branding possibilities.


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