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Our animatronic product ranges are hand built in the UK by highly skilled engineers and artists to provide realistic life-like motion, which fascinates and attracts attention wherever they are used.

The durable animatronic Mannequins are an effective marketing tool used by fashion retailers, brand distributors, event and marketing agencies, visual merchandising organizations, exhibition companies, museums, theme parks, stadiums, defense organization, medical device companies, and leisure and hospitality companies.

They have been used with huge success by some of the world’s biggest brands to successfully promote their products.


Rapid growth in ecommerce, meant retailers and display companies needed more dynamic ways to engage their customers and draw them into their businesses.

Nothing attracts attention and entertains more than movement and Cyberquins realistic movement instantly captivates the customers wherever they are used. Over an extensive 4 year product development process, Darren combined his engineering and artistic expertise to evolve the humble retail mannequin into a dynamic range of animatronic display models, that run, walk cycle and ski with incredible life – like motion.



• Cycling Moving Mannequins are a powerful marketing tool for any retail bike store, brand distributor or manufacturer
• The Cybercycle movement is smooth, lifelike and entertaining, they can be used to merchandise all bikes, bike wear, sports wear, casual clothing and accessories
• The peddles, legs and wheels all move together to create a dynamic life-like display
• The Cybercycle base mechanism can be adjusted to hold and display virtually any mountain bike. The mechanism that drives the bicycle is contained within the base mechanism
• The base mechanism drives the bicycle peddles which in turn drives the legs of the Cybercycle mannequin
• The ability to be dressed and undressed with ease
• The versatility to be operated simply by plugging into a 230 or 110 volt electrical supply anywhere in the worldwide
• The capability to be shipped complete, with no need for intricate assembly
• The durability to withstand every day use


• The perfect lifelike movement of a slow motion human running, walking or cycling
• The capability to be shipped complete, with no need for intricate assembly
• Durability – can run 7 days a week up to 12 hrs a day attracting your customers
• Each Cyberquin is hand crafted in the UK, using high quality durable components
• The ability to be dressed and undressed with ease
• Robust design, quiet, precision engineered mechanism

Custom Built Mannequins

We consult in depth with our customers to understand their exact design concept and market positioning and create bespoke animatronic Mannequins to suit the unique identity of the brand.

Creative Thinking

We are creative, adventurous and open-minded.


We never compromise on the quality of components used in our manufacturing.


We offer in depth consultation throughout the development process to ensure all design objectives are meet.

Brand Compatibility

Our Cyberquin product range includes male and female running, walking, cycling and sking mannequins with a range of different finishes and head designs to represent the customers brand.


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Parc Newydd House, Bonvilston
Cardiff, South Glamorgan